Top Ten Tuesday; Favorite Book Settings

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Six Book Settings I Love Reading

1. Hogwarts (from the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling) » this should be no surprise, as I think it’s probably in almost everyone’s top ten favorite book settings. I don’t think I need to get into why I love Hogwarts – I mean who doesn’t love a magical school?

2. New England  » Born and raised in Massachusetts (in a town founded in 1642), I love reading about this area of the US. There is just something about growing up in New England that you don’t get in other states. I’ve lived in the Carolina’s, California, South Dakota, Wisconsin and Wyoming at various points in my life but nothing compares to Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut.

3. American South  » Books that take place in the American South always surprise me. They remind me of the quirks of growing up in New England but also involve a lot of complex emotions. The towns become like characters themselves. I’m always looking for recommendations for books that are set in the South (so if you have any send them my way!)

4.  Space » I have a weird obsession with books set in space. I don’t read many of them but I always have high expectations. The Martian is the most recent book I read that takes place in space/or planet. I loved the humor and detail of being stranded on Mars.

5. Red/Black/White/Gray London (from Shades of Magic series by V.E. Schwab) » I’ve reviewed all three of these books (here, here and here) and I could not be more excited at the possibility of getting to see more of this world. Schawb did such a great job giving character to the London’s mentioned in the book.

6. Alternate!Geography/History  » I love settings like The Hunger Games and Cinder for there alternate historical settings. Our Lady of the Ice was another cool setting set off the coast of Argentina on a colonized Antartica. Settings that are based off of real places but set in a different time or altered slightly pose the most interesting to me. I love seeing how authors can change the historical landscape and have it drastically change the physical landscape.

Four Settings I Don’t Enjoy Reading

7. Fillory (from the Magicians series by Lev Grossman) » I was hugely disappointed with Fillory when I read the first two books of the Magicians (here and here for reviews). It just never quite matched up to what I wanted (even after watching the TV Show).

8. Underwater » I’ve read only a few books that take place underwater, or involve a number of water creatures (and therefore we see the bodies of water they inhabit) and I feel like it’s the setting that comes with a lot of loopholes and mistakes. There is just a “too unbelievable” quality about underwater that makes me steer clear of any books in that location.

9. Zombieland  » I might be the only person who isn’t into zombies. I watch the occasional zombie flick, and read some zombie related material but the setting of a desolate wasteland filled with zombies never interests me much.

10. High School  » A setting that just makes me feel old, but also one I was never really able to relate to — even when I was in high school. I also feel like its a setting where cliches and stereotypes come into play and characters are often too shallow. If I’m going to read about high school, I’d like some diversity to the plot and involvement with the setting not just your typical jocks and nerds type business.

What settings do you gravitate towards? Which ones do you prefer not to read?

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