Top Five Friday; Places I’d Love To Visit


Some of my favorite places in literature that given the chance I would love to live in and/or visit. And I’ve ranked them and because I can’t help myself, a few honorable mentions.

Honorable Mentions: Mossflower (Brian Jacques Redwall series), Camp Half-Blood (Rick Riordan Percy Jackson series), Idris (Cassandra Clare Mortal Instruments series)

5. Hogwarts/Magical London from JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series

A completely obvious choice for anyone who has read the Harry Potter series. A rich and vivid world, full of more than just magic to enchant readers but details that you just wish were real. I mean, seriously, who didn’t wait for their letter to Hogwarts everyday? Still waiting for the owls that live behind my house to swoop down and deliver my late acceptance letter.

4. Wonderland from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland/Looking Glass

A childhood favorite! I spent the better part of ages 8 thru 9 looking for a hole to fall down in my backyard hoping to be transported to Wonderland. Never did find it, but the crazy world of Wonderland will always have a place on any list of fictional destinations.

3. Oz from Frank L. Baum’s Wizard of Oz series but also reinvisioned in Gregory Maguire’s Wicked series

Oz is probably another obvious choice and as much as I love Baum’s version of Oz as some kind of utopia, I love what Maguire did in the Wicked series. Maguire’s Oz has political unrest, economic hardship, oppression of Animals, some religious strife, geographical tensions and sorcery. I love how Maguire expanded on Baum’s version and really brought the land of Oz to life.



2. The Other Side of the Wall from Neil Gaiman’s Stardust

I love, love, love, love Stardust (both book and movie). I have a serious soft spot for any kind of fairytale/folklore/mythology retelling. I could spend all day at the Faerie Market exploring and hopefully not getting into too much trouble!

1. Jordan College from Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials

My favorite series of books, and I’m long overdue for a re-read of this series, but I always wanted to experience the world in His Dark Materials, particularly Jordan College.

What was above ground was only a small fraction of the whole. Like some enormous fungus whose root-system extended over acres, Jordan (finding itself jostling for space above ground with St Michael’s College on one side, Gabriel College on the other, and Bodley’s Library behind) had begun, sometime in the Middle Age, to spread below the surface. Tunnels, shafts, vaults, cellars, staircases had so hollowed out the earth below Jordan and for some yards around it that there was almost as much air below ground as above; Jordan College stood on a sort of froth of stone.
(The Golden Compass, Philip Pullman)

That description always sold me on wanting to visit Jordan College in Lyra’s world. I love each universe in the His Dark Materials series, but Jordan College will always be the first place I’d visit.

I’d also love to visit the city of Cittagazze (sans-Spectres, thank you very much) and Svalbard (Iorek!).

Which literary setting would you choose to visit (or live in) given the chance?


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