Review: Traitor In the Tower by Jessica Meats

Review: Traitor In the Tower by Jessica MeatsTraitor in the Tower by Jessica Meats
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Pages: 132
Series: Codename Omega,
Published by Lulu Publishing Services on March 19th 2014

Jenny Harding, codename Omega, barely escaped from Grey's Tower with her life. Going back in is more dangerous still. The mysterious Nuke has asked Jenny to resume her employment with Grey's Tower: to spy on them from the inside, to uncover their secrets. Surrounded by people who don't trust her, with her every move being watched, Jenny has never felt more alone. In this hostile environment, the line between enemy and ally is blurred. Set in modern-day York, this sci-fi novella carries on the adventure begun in Omega Rising. Jessica Meats has a passion for both writing and technology. She got a degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of York, where she was a founding member of a creative arts magazine. She now works in the technology industry and uses that experience to fuel her stories.

I read the first Codename Omega novella/series a few months ago and finally picked up Traitor and Hidden this month. I enjoyed this book more than the first, as the story no longer needed to set up the universe and purpose it jumped right into the action.

Jenny was a fun character, and her relationships with those inside Gray Tower (Matt, Thomas and Damion) made the book more fun to read. Really everything about this 160 page book was well developed, written and executed. Not an easy task for such a short book, but nonetheless was filled with plenty of action and character development.

A pleasant little read in the science-fiction realm, and I’m always surprised that I like a book that centers around aliens! Looking forward to reading the next installment – Hidden in the Signal.

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