Review: To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before Series by Jenny Han

Review: To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before Series by Jenny HanThe To All the Boys I've Loved Before Collection by Jenny Han
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Pages: 1056
Published by Simon Schuster Books for Young Readers on May 16, 2017
Genres: Young Adult, Romance

New York Times bestselling author Jenny Han’s beloved novels are now available together for the first time in this delightful hardcover boxed set!

What if all the crushes you ever had found out how you felt about them…all at once?

Lara Jean Song keeps her love letters in a hatbox her mother gave her. They aren’t love letters that anyone else wrote for her; these are ones she’s written. One for every boy she’s ever loved—five in all. When she writes, she pours out her heart and soul and says all the things she would never say in real life, because her letters are for her eyes only. Until the day her secret letters are mailed, and suddenly, Lara Jean’s love life goes from imaginary to out of control.

This enchanting collection includes hardcover editions of To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before; P.S. I Still Love You; and Always and Forever, Lara Jean.

I caved and watched the movie on Netflix. It was cute, the acting wasn’t terrible and it was perfect for a dreary Sunday night after a long weekend (Friday weddings – fun but not ideal!).

I quickly downloaded the books from my local library and read the entire series during my hour-long lunch break. In a word I was disappointed. I think the young-adult romance genre plays out better on the screen compared to the series.

Lara Jean (book-verse) is annoying and self centered. Not to say those qualities don’t appear in the film but I think there is more balance with the other characters that I was able to ignore those qualities for her quirkiness and innocence.

To be honest the first book is by far the better book in the series, it was enjoyable and quick if you like young-adult romance. It has all the makings of a great romantic comedy (which is why it has been so successful on Netflix) and they thankfully chose actors to make these characters likable.

Books 2 and 3 just felt like beating a dead horse with these characters. It was no longer cute or funny. It was a chore. If it wasn’t all in one volume I probably would have skipped the rest.

2 thoughts on “Review: To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before Series by Jenny Han

  1. LARA JEAN IS EXTREMELY SELF-CENTERED. I don’t really understand the Lara Jean/Kavinsky ship. I think I probably liked the books a little more than you, but it made no sense to me why Lara Jean would choose Peter over John Ambrose. Did you at least like Kitty though? For me, she was the one redeeming character.

    1. Book-verse: definitely did not see Lara Jean with anyone. The chemistry between the movie-verse was much more believable but still didn’t fully like that she ended up with Peter. Kitty though was a gem!

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