Review: Divine Descendant by Jenna Black

Review: Divine Descendant by Jenna BlackDivine Descendant by Jenna Black
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Pages: 228
Series: Nikki Glass #4
Published by Pocket Star on May 16th 2016
Genres: Urban Fantasy

For Immortal Huntress and cunning private investigator Nikki Glass, vengeance trumps all in the final novel in acclaimed author Jenna Black's addictive urban fantasy series!
What happens when fertility goddesses go on strike? Nothing much—except maybe the end of the human race.
When private investigator Nikki Glass became immortal as a descendant of Artemis, she never dreamed she’d find herself playing marriage counselor to the gods. But she doesn’t really have much of a choice when the crazed ex-wife of Anderson Kane—a god in disguise who just happens to be the son of a Fury—decides to enact revenge by wiping out all of humanity. Somehow, Nikki must convince the two to kiss and make up, but with Anderson now gone AWOL, she'll have to find him first. To top it all off, the cat’s out of the bag that Anderson killed Konstantin, the Olympians’ deposed leader. Now their new boss—Konstantin’s son—is out for blood.
With every mere mortal’s fate now resting in Nikki’s hands, can she outsmart the gods…or will she be doomed to spend the rest of eternity in a barren and desolate world?


I remember coming across the first book in this series – Dark Descendent – and loving the dark mythological world Jenna Black created. This forth installment (and final, I guess) was a bit of a disappointment.

The plot was weak at best. Another of Anderson Kane’s ex-wives is on a rampage. While he runs off attempting to fix the problem, Nikki and the rest of her Liberi friends are dealing with the aftermath of Konstantin’s death and revenge from his son, Cyrus. In the end the resolution is quick and almost so simple. The relationship between Nikki and Jamal is a large focus for this book, so really if you want to see them reach a climax (haha, bad joke, sorry) then you will probably enjoy this short final book.

In the end, I was a bit disappointed one of my favorite mythology driven series kind of flamed out, but glad to have a somewhat end after a three year gap between books three and four.


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