2020; June & July Round Up

Fell in a bit of a slump for June, but read a lot for July. That makes 10 books read and two that I did not finish, so overall a pretty successful summer.


I read a total of four books in June. Two I finished and two I did not. To say I was in a bit of a slump might be a tiny bit dramatic. I started All the Ever Afters, which had a dull narrator and I abandoned after making it about 30 pages in. Cinderella’s step mother just came off as boring and weird. Sisters of Shadow and Light had some promise but again, the main character was almost too naive and immediately was trusting strangers and upset for not being more educated. I just had a hard time getting into it when every other sentence would echo these thoughts. I was approved for the second book in the series via NetGalley, but I won’t be reading it.

I manged to finish every book for July! The House of Earth and Blood and Warcross series were a bit disappointing (reviews coming soon!). Silvia Moreno-Garcia’s books Gods of Jade and Shadow and Mexican Gothic were incredible. I highly recommend these to anyone looking for fantasy/horror with historical aspects and exploring Mexico. Obsidian Tower was also amazing — I’m adding her other series which takes place in the same world to my to-read list for this year. The Vanishing Half was also a highly anticipated read for the summer and did not disappoint.

Where the Crawdads Sing and Recursion both had positive reviews, and were enjoyable reads. But I hated the endings! Know My Name was powerful. It took me several library renewals to get through this book. The writing was strange, but ultimately a worthwhile read that explored rape, sexual assault, US court system and victim advocates.


I’m reading slowly this month. Both books have been on my radar for a while. The first is a popular rec from friends, but finding the first few chapters a little slow. Hoping things get more interesting soon! The Immortalists was a NetGalley ARC that I never ended up reading. I was tidying up my kindle app when I noticed I still had it. 

I’m still reading Goldfinch but it is so slow! I’m only about fifty more pages ahead of where I stopped last year. If I don’t get another 100 pages in by the end of August, I’ll officially mark it as did not finish.

The Way of Kings is a beast of a book. But I love it, I just go through periods where I want something else, something quick that I can finish in a day or week. At 1,100 pages this is just not one of those books.


There are a few books by authors I’ve read that are coming out in August, but nothing I’m really looking forward too. Or requires me to read other books prior to. I came across The Space Between Worlds and Star Daughter while looking at my August Book of the Month choices. Cannot wait for these to come in!


I’m trying to shorten my TBR list. I have a separate category to get through books for 2020, and I’ll add anticipated read to a 2021 category. I’m also culling my (345!) TBR list on GoodReads to a more realistic goal (under 100!). I’m honestly not surprised that most of those book I put on there, I’ll never read!

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