Serial; When You Just Can’t Read

I like to think of myself as a very busy person, and recently that has definitely been true. I spend approximately 30% of my work week commuting into and out of the city. This leaves me a solid 55+ minutes where I’m squished into vinyl seating with other daily commuters.

And while those 55+ minutes are usually dedicated to whatever book I’m currently reading, that hasn’t been the case this past week. Instead I’ve turned my attention to another form of entertainment. Podcasts.

Specifically the Undisclosed podcast, which gives listeners an in depth look at the investigation, trial, and current developments on the case of the State vs. Adnan Syed. If you haven’t listed to Serial Season One – I highly suggest you get on that. Sarah Koening discusses the case of Adnan Syed, and while she does not attempt to solve the mystery of who murdered Hae Min Lee, she asks important questions (often without answers) of what happened to an 18-year old girl on January 13, 1999 in Baltimore, Maryland.

I’m only on episode 7, but I’m addicted. Each episode is between 40-90 minutes long, and builds upon Serial’s foundation. The episodes are interesting, and drive up so many questions that I know I may never find the true answers to.

Other Podcasts I Love: Serial, Criminal, This American Life, Stuff You Should Know, Radiolab and Modern Love.

I plan to (force) myself to get some reading done this weekend, though I’m not too interested in anything I’ve picked up which is disappointing but I plan to at least attempt to finish both After Alice and Daddy Dearest.

What activities do you gravitate towards when you find yourself in a reading slump?


One thought on “Serial; When You Just Can’t Read

  1. I love podcasts!! Although I usually go for the humorous ones (Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig)
    Lately when I’m not reading I’ve been watching Netflix… which is probably the worst use of my time possible. Oops!

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