Review Policy

Review Policy

I am always interested in discovering new books from authors or publishers. But please keep in mind the following before you make a request:

  1. The genres I most enjoy are contemporary, drama, mysteries/thrillers, horror, dystopia, and historical. I am not a fan of the romance genre or anything involving vampires.
  2. I do not have a preference for adult vs young adult, I enjoy both!
  3. I do not read books in a series out of order, so please don’t send sequels unless you know I’ve enjoyed the previous novels, or are also able to send the preceding books.
  4. It is at my discretion which requests I will accept or decline. Upon acceptance, I will provide my honest and full opinion of the work I am reviewing.
  5. I have a full-time dream job. This job requires evening, weekend, and travel. I’ll do my best to meet all deadlines. Please be advised.
  6. Providing me with a copy of the book increases the chance that I review the book. I prefer a hardcopy, but also accept epub format books as well.

Please send an email to with “REVIEW REQUEST” as the subject line. All emails not marked appropriately with this subject line will not be responded to in the requisite 48-hour answer window.

Regarding Blog Tour Requests – I am not interested in receiving any blog tour requests at the moment. My schedule simply doesn’t allow it. Thank you for thinking of me for these types of events but until otherwise noted here, please do not send me requests. Thank you.

Rating System

I rate books on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. Below is a basic explanation of what that means.

★★★★★ | Truly loved this piece of work, and went above and in beyond in all aspects: characters, writing, and plot.
★★★★ | Thoroughly enjoyed, but had a few issues with specific components of character, writing, and/or plot.
★★★ | Enjoyed, but something was off/missing/incomplete about the work as a whole.
★★ | Not for me, had trouble with critical aspects of the work.
★ | Did not enjoy at all, but managed to finish.
No stars | Did not finish.

Spoiler Policy

Most reviews will be spoiler-free. Spoiler notices can be seen in BOLD RED TYPE below the provided summary. If you wish to avoid spoilers please stop reading. A hidden spoiler version will be available on Goodreads.

Review Schedule

Reviews are generally posted within a few days of finishing.


All photos that appear on the @artemisreader instagram account belong to Artemis alone. Please ask permission before you post any of these photographs. Photographs/images taken from any other site will accompany proper notation.