2016: July Round-Up

review, wrap up

Another month where very little reading was done that did not relate to work. And those were articles not books so I can’t even count them. This auction has been hell – lots of business decisions to be made and that means lots of arguments between my two bosses about what to put in it. Which makes me so tired by the time I grab the express train home that I plug in and konk out for 55 minutes. Alas I did read ONE book and I am halfway through The Magician King! So some progress.

What I Read


Currently Reading

  • The Magician King (The Magicians, #2) by Lev Grossman [50% finished]

August Goals

  • I’m praying for a slow month, but considering how unusually busy work has been now that its only 5 of us I’m honestly just hoping to finish my currently reading book and maybe start something short and quick.
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