2017: February Round-Up

A slow month for me – lots of new personal changes! My work moved 45 minutes south, no longer reachable by train. I spend about 2+ hours in my car, and if I didn’t love my job and coworkers I would consider leaving on a more serious level. The lack of train time means I’m often reading a slower pace (averaging about 30 pages per day versus 200 pages per day). I’m trying to make more time for reading, and investing in a new reading chair was definitely a huge help.

I’ve also been hit with back to back colds, which one would think would give me ample time to “crush” it in the reading department but – yeah no. Total of two novellas (one which I don’t know why I read but at least it was a free copy) and one full length book. Reviews to be posted in March!

What I Read

Currently Reading

  • War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy [approximately 35% into this, making progress!]
  • A Murder In Time (Kendra Donovan, #1) by Julie McElwain

Did Not Finish

None! Always an accomplishment!

March Releases

I’ve got nothing on my radar for this month, but plenty from January/February to keep me occupied on my upcoming vacation.


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